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WGN-TV s TEACHER OF THE MONTH SPONSORED BY KENNETH J. ALLEN LAW GROUP OFFICIAL RULES 2020 2021. WGN News Now. CHICAGO Unfortunately it s become a bit of a yearly tradition for Bulls fans which they d rather didn t happen. But with the team missing the playoffs five out of the … Bulls look to the future after a season-ending win over the Bucks Bulls 2 months ago Former Bulls forward Toni Kukoc named to Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2021 ss-promo op id 809386 op guid 2c5ce857-8966-4be0-afcf-9bab9016b162 routing hash Visit the post for more. Dr. Jeffrey Kopin COVID is not done with us and we need to continue to stay vigilant as we watch what s going on throughout the world and here in the United States The Advertising Standards Authority is the watchdog on British advertising. The company launched a campaign provocatively named Do Your Part ner . Yes, you read that right. They invited their customers to make love a priority, encouraging parents everywhere not to lose sight of their own relationships with each other. The nine Federal agencies which regulate advertising for products have no say in political advertising. The broadcasting networks, which turn down half the commercials for products submitted to them because they violate their codes, do not apply any code whatever to political commercials. Why not? Because political advertising is considered protected speech under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. The networks are obliged to broadcast every political commercial submitted to them, however dishonest. The ideas of individual supremacy when carried to excess, have not worked. They have made it difficult to keep American society cohesive. Asia can see it is not working. Those who want a wholesome society where young girls and old ladies can walk in the streets at night, where the young are not preyed upon by drug peddlers, will not follow the American model The top3 to 5 ofa society can handle this free-for-all, this clash of ideas. If you do this with the whole mass, you will have a mess To have, day to day, images of violence and raw sex on the picture tube, the whole society exposed to it, it will ruin a whole community. 30 Linkroll