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The main laws you need to be aware of when you run a contest or sweepstakes in any U.S. state are no purchase necessary laws. These laws state that you cannot require users to make a purchase or provide other forms of consideration to enter a sweepstakes where winners are randomly drawn. In the United States, there are no purchase necessary laws involved with sweepstakes and contests. These laws forbid you from requiring users to make purchases or take other means of consideration to enter a sweepstakes or contests. Consideration typically includes asking entrants to take actions that require significant time, money, or effort. In the United States, there are specific Federal sweepstake and contest laws which are maintained and regulated by several different Federal organizations. These agencies have developed nation-wide rules relating to promotions that must be followed by all sweepstake and contest sponsors, regardless of the state the promotion is taking place in. A sweepstakes operator is permanently banned from direct mail marketing and is liable for a $9.5 million judgment under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, which charged her with violating a previous court order by running a sweepstakes scam. There s a price to pay to violating a court… Many have answered to God. Over the past few decades, the desire for this relationship has claimed a bevy of our best climbers, the majority of them dying on shorter, smaller routes. Very few people have played this game in the bigger mountains. That Potter wanted to test out his style of rapid big wall free soloing in Patagonia? On a beast like Fitz Roy? Well, let s just say he had his reasons. Csikszentmihalyi suspected this feeling was the by-product of individual members of the group being in flow. Sawyer thought something more dynamic was going on. In Group Genius, he explains it this way My years of playing piano in jazz ensembles convinced me that what happened in any one person s mind could never explain what made one night s performance shine and another a dud. At any second during a performance, an almost invisible musical exchange could take the piece in a new direction later, no one could remember who was responsible for what. In jazz, the group has the ideas, not the individual musicians. For how long? Wouldn t it be fun to celebrate a Wife Appreciation Day in September or celebrate a Fortune Cookie Day by sending your customers fortune cookies with uplifting messages and fun quotes? Or honor Talk Like a Pirate Day, just like Dunkin Donuts did. Seriously, no one cares about your desires, your dreams, your passions, your whys and your reasons for wanting to be rich. No one cares that you want to own a Ferrari and prove your parents wrong. No one cares that corporate America wronged you. No one cares! Yes, the world is a selfish place and nobody gives two shits about your motives to go Fastlane.