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Jan 18, 2018 – Explore Major League Jewelers s board Unique Wedding Giveaways Ideas , followed by 594 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about wedding giveaways, unique weddings, wedding. Scented candles are great for wedding giveaways because you can also personalize them with a special message. Try to buy them from a local candle shop rather than a big department store as they will have a unique homemade charm. 5. Cufflinks and Tie Pins To help you to choose giveaways for your attendants, we present to you the following creative ideas that are simple and effective. Candles Although they are small in size, they have the same effect of the big size. They can be used on the tables of the attendants to add a romantic atmosphere. Slate Coaster Give your wedding guests a unique gift that will remind them of your wedding for years to come. This practical engraved slate coaster comes in your choice of two designs that will be laser engraved into the slate coaster for a wedding favor that will last a lifetime. As for color and design, a year-long analysis of some half a million pins by Philadelphia-based startup, Curalate, showed that images particularly of products take again a plain and minimalist background tended to do better on Pinterest in contrast to most other social networks than those with too much in the frame. In addition, very light and very dark images were seen not to perform well – somewhere in the middle, then, is best. Pins that contained multiple dominant colors rather than just one were seen to receive more attention, while bold and warm colors like orange and red were seen to be repinned more than colder colors like blue. Lastly and somewhat surprisingly , it found that images without human faces worked best on Pinterest – theorizing the reason behind this is that the site is a social network of things, where faces are only a distraction, whereas a site like Facebook is a social network of people. While these trends may work as a starting point for formulating a Pinterest strategy, I recommend taking them with a pinch of salt and keeping a close eye on which content best works for you and your audience. Use Facebook Insights click Insights at the top of your Page to track how your Facebook Page is performing day by day, and over a longer period of time. The Likes tab displays your overall Page growth, and where your audience is finding you, while the Reach, Visits, and Post tabs will show you which types of updates – text, links, video, etc. – are preferred by your audience click on individual posts for more detailed stats about engagement , and at what times they are most likely to be on Facebook to digest your activity. On the People tab, you ll be able to learn about the demographics of your audience, including gender, age, language, and location. All of this data is extremely useful in helping you to tweak and tailor your ongoing content strategy, and to deliver the kind of stuff that you know your fans will love. Wealth s Road Trip Formula The formula for wealth s road trip is like a long road trip across the country. Success demands your focused exercise into the journey and the tools of that journey process as opposed to the destination event . There are four constituent ingredients that make up the winning formula. They are The car s lights dramatically turn on while David, looking rather James Bond-esque in a suit and sunglasses, revs the engine and takes the Barina for a spin. The words Performance redefined, Style, and Luxury appear on the screen before it cuts to David holding the keys, with the line, It could be yours. A call-to-action then flashes on the screen to tweet David an offer with the hashtag BuyMyBarina . THE IMPORTANCE OF TIME PERSPECTIVES