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TrackingPoint giving away 10 rifles to support U.S. fight against ISIS, Al Qaeda. The TrackingPoint M800 rifle chambered in 7.62 NATO. The M600 looks almost identical. Photo TrackingPoint With … TrackingPoint. 8,427 likes 4 talking about this 199 were here. Based in Austin, Texas, TrackingPoint, Inc. is focused on creating advanced technology optics that can… The Tracking Point is base on fighter jet technology allowing all of the information and data that is being accounted for to be presented on a Heads Up Display HUD . The powerful internal computer factors in the following conditions to calculate a tagging solution drop, rifle inclination, rifle cant, wind drift, air density, spin drift … 6 7 21. ZRO Delta AR-15 Rifle, Citadel Warthog Shotgun M P Shield Plus Pistol Giveaway. 5 8 21. $1,900. 5 27 21. Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Mil-Spec Rifle Giveaway. 5 8 21. $1,900. 5 21 21. When I first heard about the Tracking Point, my jaw dropped with excitement, then it dropped again when I heard the price. Lets be honest, if you sunk more then 5 million into research and development, you would charge close to $7,500 for your base model and up to $50K for your top of the line rifle. When it comes to stimulating conversations, there is no one better than Wendy s. Whether it is rapping, sassing people who name-drop fast-food competitors, or troll roasting, Wendy s attention-grabbing tweets are highly entertaining. And when customers reach out with a complaint, Wendy s social media team doesn t just produce the average I am sorry to hear that response, but creates personalized witty tweets that make you smile. Wendy s sass strategy is addictive, and people engage with the brand often just to hear the team s snappy comebacks. Prior to the current economic crisis the world did not challenge the Washington consensus that the Anglo-Saxon economic model is the most efficient for the allocation of financial resources to produce the highest return. However, the U.S. market model is no longer considered ideal. China is confident that it is better for the government to maintain control of and manage its economy. China will now also be slower to open its closed capital markets to avoid large inflows and outflows of speculative foreign currencies. 11 Which typefaces are easiest to read? Those which people are accustomed to reading, like the Century family, Caslon, Baskerville and Jenson. The more outlandish the typeface, the harder it is to read. The drama belongs in what you say, not in the typeface. Reviewing third-party products for selling through social media Joe was a martial arts expert and he loved his craft. Following the advice of gurus, he set out to do what you love and opened a martial arts studio. Within 10 months, his studio closed, as he could no longer support his family on his $21,000-per-year business profit.