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Gift Card Balance Check. Pick the type of Spafinder Gift Card you are holding then follow the instructions to get your card s balance. If you have a Multi-Use card, and you wish to speak to a specialist, you may phone us at 855-521-1743. For issues with your Single-Use card, access our Interactive Voice Recording at 800-255-7727. Gift Card Balance. Pick the type of Spafinder Gift Card you re holding then follow the instructions to get your card s balance. Convert Happy Card To Spafinder Card. To use a Happy Lady, Happy Bride or Happy Beauty card at a Spafinder location, click this link. Choose any dollar amount between $25 and $500 U.S., add to cart and proceed to … Pick the type of Spafinder Gift Card you are holding then follow the instructions to get your card s balance. Note To use your Single-use card for a product purchase, you must convert it to a Live Love Spa card. Celebrate Mom this Mother s Day with a little love and a Spafinder Gift Card. Gift her a relaxing massage, matching mani pedi, hydrating facial and some much needed me time. Read more… Wellness. by Spafinder January, 10th 2021. By buying a Spafinder eGift card, you are giving the gift of wellness and better health. Whether it s a relaxing massage or fitness classes, the Spafinder eGift Card can be used for a variety of activities that refresh the body and improve one s mindset. Use the link below to checkout participating Spafinder locations in your area. 1-844-208-0169. But I must warn you that if you want your long copy to be read , you had better write it well. In particular, your first paragraph should be a grabber. You won t hold many readers if you begin with a mushy statement of the obvious like this one in an ad for a vacation resort Going on vacation is a pleasure to which everyone looks forward. At Three Mile Island on March 28, 1979, four simple failures set up the disaster two cooling system pumps stopped operating due to mechanical problems two emergency feed water pumps couldn t work because their valves were closed for maintenance a repair tag hid indicator lights that would ve warned of the issue a valve releasing coolant stuck open, and a malfunctioning light indicated that the same valve had closed. Net result core meltdown, loss of life narrowly averted, and a near-fatal blow to the United States nuclear energy industry. By dispensing with marketers, art directors and researchers, Lasker saved so much money that he was able to make a profit of 7 per cent probably the world s record. If an agency makes more than 1 per cent today, it is exceptional. One phase in human history has ended. The new one promises to be exciting. The move that triggered off a globalized market began in March 1991, when the National Science Foundation privatized the Internet, without quite realizing what a powerful instrument it would turn out to be for increasing productivity, enabling people and businesses to reach out to others across national boundaries, and to create a global intellectual community and a global marketplace. 13 Telling Your Snapchat Story