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You can see icons representing different types of free iTunes codes and gift cards that are available. Step 2 Enter Your Phone Number Next, enter the phone number associated with your iTunes account. w. Free iTunes Codes – Free iTunes Card Codes. Hurry up before it s 7 31 2021! Below is our progress bar. When the bar is at 100 we have run out of iTunes card codes! Get yours before we run out of stock! 17. To comment, click the pin. That pin now fills your entire window. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you see your picture or logo. Right next to that is a Comment drop-down link. Because it s white on white, the text box can get lost on the page but if you remember that it s next to your picture towards the bottom of the page, you ll find it. Type in your comment and press Enter. You can also choose Other if you don t see a suitable category on the menu. Do your best to choose a descriptive category, however. You want to be as specific as possible to catch the attention of people who are searching on Pinterest. evaluating channels for, 155 However, responding to customers doesn t necessarily mean the public has to be privy to every conversation a brand has with people online. It s also important to know when to take it private. A 140-character tweet is not enough to solve most problems or give in-depth responses to questions. With that in mind, let s now explore some best practices for responding to questions and complaints on Twitter If you can help in 140 characters, by all means, do so. Brevity is fine, but people prefer to have problems handled properly, character count be damned. It s fine to answer general questions in a tweet if you re able to do so. You can even break your answers down into several tweets as long as it doesn t become too convoluted and difficult to read. However, if a question or complaint requires more than a brief answer, find a platform that enables you to use more words. Use a name when you can. If you can determine a first name from a Twitter account, it s good practice to use it. Using a first name makes the response personal instead of looking like a canned response. Be kind and respectful. When responding online, it s always a good idea to remember you re representing your brand. Anything perceived as being uncaring or unkind is a reflection on your brand. When possible, take it private. A private message on Twitter can be as long or short as you d like. Nothing is wrong with responding to a comment or question with Hi, John. Let s take this to DM so I can give your answer the attention it deserves. When you re private, you can even ask for a phone number so you can resolve the issue voice to voice. You don t have to handle it all on Twitter. Although the conversation starts on Twitter, it doesn t have to end on Twitter. A tweet is a good starting point, but you can also use private message, email, phone, Skype, or another platform that s convenient for both of you. Never share private information on Twitter. Never ask for information such as a phone number or address on Twitter. Save the personal details for a private message, a phone call, or communication on another platform that isn t available for public consumption. Don t leave people hanging. If someone reaches out to your brand s Twitter account with a question or customer service issue, respond as soon as possible. Many brands with a strict Twitter policy like to respond within an hour. When you don t respond promptly, it sends a negative message. Even responding by writing I m looking into that is better than nothing. Do your best to avoid online negativity Back and forth, tit for tat negativity can harm a brand s image. It s better to take the high road during an angry conversation than say something that can cause a loss of sales or even your job. Don t ignore legitimate negative feedback. Many times, negativity comes with truth. Always hear what people are saying. If people are angry, let them know you heard them and invite them to converse privately so you can rectify the issue. If they respond with abuse, move on. If there s a legitimate issue, do your best to clear it up so the negativity doesn t continue. Always follow up. If you help one of your Twitter customers, a good practice is to follow up in the next few days to see if everything is now rectified. Your customers will appreciate the additional care. I interviewed both scientists ten years ago and they made the same arguments. In the intervening decade they ve remained dolorously consistent, although I do recall listening to a talk by Brooks in which he claimed building weaponized robots is morally distinct from the political decision to use them.