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Hilton has a great discount code PR13CB , it offer discounts Best Flexible Rate by 32 to 43 at participating properties outside of North America. It works best in Europe, Middle East Asia. There is no page on for this promotional offer. You need to use the PR13CB code on the Promotional Offer Code field Hilton Corporate Codes. Below are some of the most popular Corporate Discount Codes for Hilton. If you are an employee of or are going to visit one of these companies for business, you can take advantage of their negotiated rates. The discount will vary from location to location, and can be up to 50 off rack rates. 9122532 HP 0901452 USA only IBM 001368083 International IBM 10850857 Accenture D600198360 FFEIE 001344746 Ford 315000125 Bosch 355019365 Volvo 112976674 Hella 156333 Accenture Hilton 560051450 Accenture Doubletree 41943 Intel 43773 Microsoft 0001398 GE 0072799100 General Electric 402371223 Akzo Nobel 323009803 Siemens D058070459 All Hilton Family Hotels outside the U.S. N0001231 FedEx … Fun observations In two instances with IBM and FedEx, I observed rates actually get more expensive by using their respective corporate codes. Not sure if that was a glitch but that s why the negative discount. Ultimately The Blackstone Group and McKesson offer the deepest corporate discount.. How to enter a Hilton corporate code. If you ve clicked on one of the links above, you re … Hilton Corporate Discount Codes The List. Company Name Hilton Corp Code … 0002666284 IBM $152 save 7 $12 60007270 Kohl s $152 save 7 … Best Western Hotels Corporate Discount Codes Updated Accor Hotels Corporate Rate Code List Recent Comments. Decades later I live with chronic neck pain and have to sleep in unorthodox positions to avoid discomfort. I ve spent countless hours and money on physical therapy and chiropractic treatments. Many times I fantasize about going back in time to that day and bitch-slapping that arrogant kid-I wish I could tell him how things are I wish I could have him read this chapter I wish he would understand the trajectory, the horsepower , of his choices. So the cost of impacting each person once is about 80 cents. Follow these steps to execute your content strategy Preparation and planning are not the same thing. Preparation means spending time, effort, and resources on ensuring your response is polished and agile. News