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With Hootsuite Campaigns, your organization can quickly create mobile-friendly social campaigns including powerful social media apps, contests, quizzes, and branded galleries. From manual daily tasks such as moderating contest submissions to coordinating a national promotion strategy, Hootsuite Campaigns streamlines your A little inspiration goes a long way when it comes to brainstorming social media contest ideas. To get your creative juices flowing, we ve rounded up more than 20 ideas across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat and even TikTok. And to make things easier, we ve sorted them by objective, from increasing engagement to generating leads. How We Do It Insider Tips for Running Great Social Contests. This webinar provides insider tips from the Hootsuite Campaigns team, including The secrets to the success of our Win Hootsuite Pro for Life sweepstakes which generated 1000s of qualified leads. Behind the scenes of the Hootsuite in Austin campaign Behind the … Intuitive and easy-to-use, Hootsuite Campaigns enables entrepreneurs and digital marketers to create effective social marketing campaigns from social media contests to sweepstakes and galleries across multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 4. Or make it hard. If you are looking to filter out low-quality leads or content, a high barrier to entry i.e., anything that involves more than two clicks will scare off the half-hearted and noncommittal. If your goal is to gather truly amazing user-generated content, then yes, you can make the prize exceptional. Private membership sites are subscription-based sites whose content is visible only to subscribers. Private membership sites can be free or paid, but they re a way to offer something of value to your online community. Private membership sites can be forums where online communities interact and share ideas, places to receive exclusive content, or learning and teaching experiences such as online courses. You re not allowed to date your best friend s girlfriend. In addition to inviting friends to like your brand on Facebook, you can also try some of these methods for raising brand awareness and getting likes Use your brand s Twitter, Google , and Pinterest accounts to bring in new community members. Without spamming, invite people to join your Facebook page from time to time. If space permits, also share the benefits of becoming a member of your Facebook community. Invite your community to share. Although Facebook frowns upon contests and events in which people have to like a page to participate, nothing is wrong with inviting your community to share content they like. Create the type of content your community will share. Have you ever logged in to your personal Facebook account to find that your friends are sharing a funny video, a provocative image, or an informative article? This is the type of content people enjoy sharing on their walls. A Facebook page that is nothing but brand updates is not compelling. Instead, share informative or fun items with your community, and they will not only share in return but may also inspire others to like your brand. Place share buttons on your blog and website. If you want people to share your content, you have to give them a way to share. Having a Facebook share button, like those shown in Figure 1-7 , on your blog or website will encourage readers to like your page. You can also place individual share buttons on the bottom of each post so people can share your content. Be consistent. If you post engaging or compelling content every day, folks are more likely to like your brand. If you re sporadic and haphazard with your content, you won t receive many likes in return. Place share information in offline content. If you have offline content for example, if yours is a supermarket brand with a weekly flyer or a retail shop with posters on the windows be sure to let shoppers know how they can follow your brand on the social networks. If you re a restaurant, add the URL for your social networking channels on the back of your menus or have postcards handy for customers. Waiting for the water to heat up, I checked under the sink and discovered some kind of manly shower gel that I figured must belong to Dre. It smelled green, like the woods. I kept rooting around in the cabinet, looking to see what else belonged to him, but I found nothing, no razor, no toothbrush, no foot powder. So hope gave another little growl, like a rottweiler puppy this time. Andre didn t live here either. He had his own separate house, even if it was right next door. How to Win the Slowlane The Secret Exit The Slowlane can be defied if you find its secret exit, its get out of jail free card that neutralizes the limitations of Uncontrollable Limited Leverage. That secret Slowlane escape?