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If you are a winner, the sponsor will contact you. Most sweepstakes are either run directly by the sponsor, or by a prizing agency. Sometimes they will email you ahead of time to let you know that you won. Other times they will telephone or send a letter in the mail. The winning process usually begins when you receive a win notification, the official notice that you are a potential winner. You will remain a potential winner until you have completed the prize claim process and received your prize. Win notifications usually arrive by email, postal mail, registered mail, telephone, or social media. Notification by Email Many times you will receive an email from either the sponsor or judging agency when you win a prize. You will want to check your junk mail folder regularly to make sure no sweepstakes notifications go there. If you go to your Microsoft Rewards Dashboard you will see a Winners link in the top left menu. If you win a sweepstakes, you will be notified by phone, email and or mail at your place of residence.. Read the Official Rules of any sweepstakes you enter. There is a section 7 detailing How to Claim your Prize. The only sweepstakes you can win are ones you ve entered. If you receive a win notification from a giveaway that you don t remember entering, it s a red flag. It s possible you did enter and then forgot about it, of you used an easily-overlooked method like scanning your grocery store club card. Airlines exemplify real-time issue resolution on social networks. We don t remember the last time we had to call an airline to get an answer when something went wrong in our travels. While people line up in front of a customer service agent at the airport, it only takes us several minutes to get a status update from an airline or get rebooked on the next available flight. Social media is becoming the most efficient mechanism to get ahold of an agent. Royal Dutch Airlines KLM, for example, tells you right in its Twitter bio that its social care team is available in 10 languages. And its account is marked responsive 24 7, which is not dissimilar to the rest of the major airlines you look up on Twitter. KLM s targeted response time ranges from 5 to 15 minutes. And now a number of airlines use messenger apps and chatbots to offer that service in even less time. Can I still call you Georgia? That will always be my name for you in my head. So, Georgia, this is the letter I have been waiting five years to write, the words I have been practicing. I even scratched it into the paint on the wall beside my bed. This surplus situation, or abundance of goods, is especially clear when it comes to information and services. Making another copy of a software program or printing another CD costs almost nothing. Bookstores compete to offer 50,000, 100,000, or even 1 million different books each for less than $25. There s a huge surplus of intellectual property and services out there. Danny Way single-handedly invented sports medicine for skateboarders, says Jacob Rosenberg, who directed the excellent Danny Way documentary Waiting for Lightning. When he broke his neck that was a career-ending injury. Athletes retired for far less. But Danny wouldn t accept that. He found his own doctors. He pioneered his own methods. Gaining Traction on Google with Social Media