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I need your help I scratched the code off Google Play gift cards I cannot see the numbers anymore please help. Google user. recommended this. Original Poster. Valentina Nappi. marked this as an answer. Recommended based on info available . If you can t read or accidentally scratched off your redemption code, you can contact our support team for assistance. When contacting the team, please attach a picture of the back of your gift… Relevant Answer. Welcome in Google Play Community. Do not contact any email or phone number on the communities, they are scammer and they will steal your gift card. Please mind to do not upload your gift card or remove the pictures uploaded . Use the link Fix problems with Google Play gift cards and promo codes. https googleplay troubleshooter 7287311 And, in the future, it s a scratch-off cover. Not a peel-off cover. Lightly scratch it with the edge of a coin to reveal the code. I accidentally scratched off part of my code for my Google Play Gift card. Today I received a Google Play Gift card and i tried to get my code, but I accidentally scratched a part of my code. Now I don t know what it is and have $20 I can t use. Is there a way to find my code? evaluating channels for, 155 If lots of people are asking the same question on Twitter in a short amount of time, due to an acute problem, use direct messaging DMs to reply to them and prevent clogging your news feed with replies. To prevent further negative tweets flying in your direction, post one public tweet to explain the situation, so that it can be seen prominently on your news feed. Not all content is created in the same manner. For example, blogs are usually text or image heavy, while podcasting and video require recording equipment and a little more technical knowledge. However, all are doable and easy to maintain, and all have the capability to drive traffic and sales, as well as raise awareness for your product or service. Suckage 6 A Dictatorship on Income When I hung up, the large orange clock over the sewing machine announced that it was three thirty, a perfect right-angle o clock. I figured Andre was at my father s house, likely sleeping in my bed. In the dark, I smiled a little bit, picturing Andre s expression when Big Roy told him I was gone to Atlanta. He was probably dressed in jeans and a T-shirt like an average person, but in my mind s eye he was always wearing that skinny gray suit he wore for my mother s services. Oh Mama , I thought. What would she think if she could see me now, sleeping on the couch in my own house, surrounded by happy baby dolls that Celestial was going to sell for $150 a pop?