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This game is played just like any regular gift exchange with one exception everyone gets a character card at the beginning of the game, characters inspired by A Christmas Carol. During the gift exchange, you can use your card to do certain actions like peek at a gift before opening, block a steal, and even unfreeze a frozen gift! Try these exciting gift card exchange ideas to put a whole new twist on gift-card giving at office parties or gatherings of family and friends. 1. Target Practice Gift Card Exchange. If you have a sporty group, consider setting up a gift card shooting gallery. Affix gift cards to a wooden board, bulletin board, or even a wall, shed, or garage door. This is a fun Christmas gift exchange game for small group. Sit in a circle and spin a candy cane. Whoever it points to gets to pick a gift and open it. Each player can either choose a new gift or snatch an unwrapped gift from someone else. The game ends when the last person in the circle spins. 11. All Gift Guide 29 Gift Exchange Games for Your Holiday Party Gift exchanges are tons of fun! They not only provide entertainment for your holiday party, but they also help ease the overwhelming pressure of how much to spend, as there are games that range from extravagant to dollar and DIY. Gift Exchange Chaos. This is a very fun game. Cut the cards and place in a bowl. Players take turns choosing a card and trade gifts according to what the card says. But the real concern was line of flight. Holmes had decided that the most interesting choice lay on the south side of the Willis. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, he says. So I wanted to do something memorable, something that would really push the boundaries of urban wingsuit flying. The jump from the south side was intense. It was gnarly. But I thought it was doable. How to get clients I recognize the unconscious spirit of rebellious independence that exists in all of us, and the compulsion you or I may have to demonstrate that we wear no man s yoke. I have always felt, however, that there are better and more rewarding ways of doing this than in conspicuously avoiding or flouting the products of the people who pay our way. We recommend that you change the subject line to something more engaging and personalized. Of course, Bell Atlantic isn t leveraging their brand trust. They re ruining it. The envelope bill connection is no longer sacrosanct. It is no longer clear to the consumer that he must open the envelope. The end result is that bills won t get opened so quickly. Bills will not get paid so fast. And when Bell Atlantic speaks, the customer won t be so quick to listen.