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In case you missed it during last night s Blackout Bowl here are the CENTURY 21 ads from Super Bowl XLVII . Prices for 30 second ad spots on CBS started at $4,000,000 a pop, which makes more sense when you consider that Super Bowl XLVII was the highest rated Television event since ratings were first tracked. Join us as we rank every Super Bowl played in the 21st Century, from defensive snoozers and mismatched blowouts to Vegas breaking upsets and fourth-quarter comebacks. Whether your team won, lost or even made the Super Bowl, there s no denying that this century kept you on the edge of your seat more times than not. Let the debate commence! 21. If you d like to win some football prizes, check out the Football and Super Bowl Sweepstakes list. Kimberly Green Won a $221,000 Prize from Century 21 Kimberly Green Wins $221,000 from Century 21 Kimberly Green receives a $221,000 check for winning Century 21 s Path to Dreams Sweepstakes. Sweepstakes begins at 12 00 p.m. ET on 1 7 21 and ends at 11 59 59 p.m. ET on either 2 4 21 or 3 days prior to Super Bowl LV, whichever is later. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. D.C., 18 … From Badass Machines and DIY Science boards on Pinterest to celebrating the world s first 3D printing day, GE s campaigns significantly improved awareness and the company s relevance. And who could ignore GE s six-second science experiments on Vine? They were truly works of art! Credit card companies such as Capital One carry out similar rapid-fire calculations as soon as someone shows up on their website. They can often access data on web browsing and purchasing patterns, which provide loads of insights about the potential customer. Chances are, the person clicking for new Jaguars is richer than the one checking out a 2003 Taurus on Carfax. com. Most scoring systems also pick up the location of the visitor s computer. When this is matched with real estate data, they can draw inferences about wealth. A person using a computer on San Francisco s Balboa Terrace is a far better prospect than the one across the bay in East Oakland. ADIDAS Slam Dunk As soon as Walsh lined up properly, a set darkened the horizon, a behemoth bearing down. He spun his board and started paddling. He kept paddling. His goal was takeoff as late as possible, let the wave jack all the way up before popping to his feet. The Create a Board pop-up window appears.