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Base2stay video tour and guest reviews. YOTEL video tour and guest reviews. London Hotel Brand Focus. Forgotten suitcase? Hotel Caf Royal to the rescue! The Trafalgar St. James joins the Curio Collection. Save 10 at Tune Hotels with their new app. Michel Roux Jr to head up new bar at The Langham. This London hotel has just one room. For those looking for a lovely spot for an extended stay, the 65-room Nadler Kensington formerly Base2stay is an affordable option in a decent area of Kensington.A non-pretentious attitude toward saving money, proactive eco policies, and smartly designed rooms are some definite perks — and may very well make the relatively small size of the rooms a bearable downside. Also, as noted previously, there are a number of good resources in and around the metro station, such as pharmacies and grocery stores, as well as a number of restaurants base2stay offers coupons for the latter, but make sure to get the actual coupon from them at the front desk before going to the restaurants. Base2stay, 25 Courtfield Gardens, London SW5 0PG 020-7244 2255 . A double costs 124. … Ideal World promo code. 20 off fitness with this exclusive Ideal World promo code … Looking for a great offer at The Kensington Hotel London in London, United Kingdom? Here you ll find 1 Offers at this Mr Mrs Smith Hotel and we re always adding more. If you re looking for an excuse for a getaway, you ll find one right here… Morning came gently. I slept deep and hard until the sound of frying bacon woke me up. I always started the day achy. Five years lying on a prison bunk will ruin your body. In the light of day, I still found the dolls to be unsettling but less mocking than they had been at night. Brand storytelling is at the core of your brand. It is a way of connecting with communities that share your values and your beliefs. Brand storytelling invites others into your tribe and embraces them in an authentic way. Brand storytelling equals heart marketing! FIGURE 1-5 Choose your brand s name for your custom URL. He was accompanied on that 1983 trip by a tall, beautiful twenty-five-year-old assistant, a blond Tennessean named Leslie Pendleton. Good met Pendleton in 1980 after he d gone through ten secretaries in thirteen years. A Tech graduate herself, Pendleton stuck where others had not, unbowed by Good s grating perfectionism. The first time she mailed one of his papers to a mathematics journal, she told me, He supervised how I put the paper and cover letter into the envelope. He supervised how I sealed the envelope he didn t like spit and made me use a sponge. He watched me put on the stamp. He was right there when I got back from the mail room to make sure mailing it had gone okay, like I could ve been kidnapped or something. He was a bizarre little man. Perhaps the most important metatag, the page title appears above the browser toolbar when users are on a website. Refer to Figure 2-4 , bottom, to see where the output of the title tag appears on the screen. A good page title metatag includes one or more keywords followed by your company name. Select one or more search terms from the set of keywords you ve assigned to that particular page.